Marketing technopologist is a person who brings together skills in marketing, technology, and social anthropology. By investing in brand experience and brand utility, they go digital to create meaningful interactions with consumers. In simple words, they do not shout at consumers.

A marketing technopologist:

  • has the skills of marketing, technology, and social interaction.
  • studies how digital advances are shaping the culture and media.
  • breaks through digital tools to find new ways of doing business.
  • stays away from tools based on mass reach.
  • utilizes the convergence of media and technology in new ways.
  • knows his/her way around the language and culture…

Is it because you missed the “main thing”?

Deepak K writing in 2015.
Deepak K writing in 2015.
Me back in 2015

I started blogging in 2015. And, to be exact, I published my very first article about Airbags in Cars on June 21st, 2015.

Nothing fancy, it was just a free subdomain from where I wrote about some random stuff — mostly engineering and technology.

Even 5–10 monthly views used to excite me. And, somehow, I kept doing the same for the next 2 years — writing poorly constructed short articles on random topics.

I was happy till I met a friend. He said that there’s no benefit of writing if I’m not getting anything out of it.

Harsh words…

Out of Manjaro Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, ZorinOS, and Pop!_OS; Manjaro is the best Linux Distro in my opinion.

Why Manjaro Linux is the Best Linux Distribution
Why Manjaro Linux is the Best Linux Distribution
Photo by Kevin Horvat on Unsplash

Currently, I’m using Manjaro Linux and it feels like this is the one that I was looking for.

But, before finally shifting to the Manjaro, I used Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Zorin OS, and Pop!_OS and nothing seemed to be working for me.

Not that I hate other distros but I love Manjaro more.

Let me explain the “why”.

My first Linux experience

It was 2015 when I first came to know about Linux and I was fascinated by its Live Boot feature. …

Loot, massacre, rape, torture, bloodshed, hunger, poverty, and racism were the realities of colonialism (from an Indian’s point of view).

What It was Like to be Colonized by the British
What It was Like to be Colonized by the British

India shared 23% of the world economy when the British arrived on its shores; and by the time they left in 1947, it was down to below 4%. Between 1770 to 1947, the British induced famines caused more than 60 million deaths in India. For comparison, world war 2 killed 50–56 million people.

Yet, it is very unfortunate that more than 59% of the British people are still proud of the British Empire and colonialism.

Realities of the British Colonialism in India

Hunger and poverty

The anthropogenic (man-made) famine of Bengal caused 2.1–3 million deaths in 1943. All the essential supplies were diverted from the civilians in Bengal to the…

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